Elizabeth Smith, Owner

Beth is a strong executive facilitator and former corporate director of organizational development for two Fortune 50 multinational corporations. She is well known for her strategic international product marketing background which influenced her market-based approach to Talent Management. She has worked in 35 countries and understands what it takes to make business “happen” in a variety of cultures. She earned her MS in Education at the University of Dayton.  She is certified with HR Chally, Blanchard, Acclivus, Huthwaite, Pipe/Mager, and Rummler/Brache. She is also a Certified Business Advisor (CBA) through the University of Toledo and is a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) through NASBITE.

HR Chally, Inc. is an international firm that specializes in assessment and feedback services. HR Chally provides benchmark competency-based profiles that assist in the translation of a job description (duties and tasks) into levels of competence which predict an individual's success in a role. HR Chally is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio.

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