HERON CONSULTING GROUP, LLC is a management consulting company that provides restructuring support to organizations that are positioning themselves for growth. Our services include Analysis and Strategic Planning, Organizational Design, Transition Project Management, Performance Management Implementations, Talent Audits (Employee Assessment), Coaching & Development, and Workforce Analytics

Analysis and Strategic Planning

Data analysis assists in the creation of simulation modeling and scenario analysis. This information is used to assess the current situation, identify achievable goals and strategies, and set an implementation timeline with task assignment and clarification of strategic controls. We facilitate this process to gain group consensus.

Organizational Design

We identify the capability that is required to pursue the organization’s strategy. This defines the necessary benchmarked, competency-based roles that ensure the level of professionalism needed within the organization to achieve the desired results.

Transition Project Management

When strategies change, an organization may need to install new metrics, new leaders, new reporting structures, new roles, and/or new talent.  We are deeply experienced in “change management” initiatives, and have led these implementations in the financial services and energy sectors

Performance Management Implementations

Performance Management is the process of implementing organizational goals and measures on an individual basis to drive accountability. We are experienced with incorporating the process within a multitude of enterprise information systems (EIS), as well as facilitating the understanding of the process with managers and employees.

Talent Audits
(Employee Assessment) Coaching & Development 

Talent Audits ensure that the right person is in the right job. We identify the competencies critical to successful roles within an organization and benchmark them. We then assess the incumbents to understand their level of competence which predicts their “fit” in the new role as well as the probability of their success. This process allows leaders to see the alignment of their strategy to the capability of their workforce.


We utilize a combination of software and methodology that applies statistical models to worker-related data, allowing enterprise leaders to optimize human resource management (HRM). The data is used to anticipate how changes to the business are likely to influence the talent picture—and vice versa.  We are experienced in working with SAP, Kronos, and other data systems.

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